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Regulations for small businessesCommonly requested Acts and Regulations

The regulations in this section have been selected because they are frequently searched by small businesses. However, there are numerous Acts, Regulations and bylaws that govern starting and operating a small business in Alberta. To ensure your business complies with all requirements you should speak with your lawyer and financial advisor. For more information, please contact a small business advisor.

provincial level resource Workers' Compensation Regulation

For most industries in Alberta, workers’ compensation coverage is required by law.

provincial level resource Business Corporations Regulation

Describes the requirements for setting up an incorporated company, and responsibilities once it's established.

provincial level resource Partnership Regulation

Outlines the requirements for establishing a business under a trade name (sole proprietorship) or a partnership (partnership, limited partnership or limited liability partnership) and responsibilities once established.

provincial level resource Fair Trading Act

Protects Alberta consumers from unfair business practices before, during or after a consumer transaction.

federal level resource Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation

Helps to protect  Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.

provincial level resource Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Regulation

Outlines the obligations of all employers related to smoking in the workplace.

provincial level resource Alberta Corporate Tax Regulation

Incorporated businesses are responsible for filing corporation taxes.

provincial level resource Alberta Human Rights Act

Business obligations related to human rights and workplace accessibility.

provincial level resource Employment Standards Code and Regulation

Outlines responsibilities of employers to all their employees.

provincial level resource Personal Information Protection Act Regulation

Describes the responsibilities of employers relating to the use and protection of personal information.

provincial level resource Occupational Health and Safety Act, Code and Regulation

Responsibilities of businesses to ensure the safety of all employees in a workplace.

provincial level resource Election Act

Describes an employer's responsibilities related to allowing employees time off to vote in a provincial election.

provincial level resource Local Authorities Election Act

Outlines an employer's responsibilities related to allowing employees time off work to vote in a municipal election.

federal level resource CanLII

A free online repository of court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.