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Operating a businessFinancial management and taxes

Explore information about bookkeeping, managing cash flow and business taxes.

Payroll information

federal level resource Payroll information for new small businesses Video, 0:57m

Watch a series of videos about how to hire and pay new employees.

federal level resource How payroll works

An overview of how payroll works.

federal level resource How to use social insurance numbers

What you can and can't do with your employee's social insurance number (SIN) card or letter.

federal level resource Payroll deductions online calculator

Use this online tool to calculate payroll deductions based on the information you provide.

federal level resource Record of employment (ROE) online

Create, submit, amend and print 53-week ROEs electronically.

provincial level resource Wages and salaries

Average wages and salaries in Alberta.

federal level resource Employer obligations when an employee leaves

Information about calculation of earnings and deductions, T4 preparation and Records of Employment (ROEs).

federal level resource Prepare T4 and T4A information returns Video, 1:23m

Watch these videos to find out how and when to prepare T4 and T4A information returns.


federal level resource GST information for businesses

Resources to help small businesses understand if they need to charge GST, and how to pay this tax.

federal level resource Corporation tax rates

Find information about corporate tax rates in Canada.

federal level resource Important tax dates for businesses

Keep track of these important due dates, including returns or payments, retaining your books and records, establishing your fiscal year end and calculating instalment payments (if applicable).

provincial level resource Alberta corporate income tax process

Find out what types of businesses need to file a corporate return in Alberta.

provincial level resource When to file an Alberta corporate income tax return

Key dates for filing your Alberta corporate income tax return.

provincial level resource Online corporate tax payment options

Online options to pay provincial business taxes.

provincial level resource How to dispute an Alberta corporate tax assessment PDF, 137.1kb

Corporate income taxpayers disputing an assessment or reassessment can file online.